Saturday, June 25, 2011

Al Mier "Creative Passion"

Al Mier
Creative Passion
Acrylic on Canvas

My passion for painting reflects my internal desire to express myself in visual language. It is almost like a quest for the rediscovery of my internal artistic self-hood in this complex contemporary life, where each of us, not only creators of the arts, wants to be heard and noticed.
My artistic composition is created from personal aesthetic experiences. There is a need to share it with together human beings like me to show them my vision of the world. The 21st Century is the center of communication and advancing technology where there is not one dominating style in all kinds of art. Because of that, I am multi-dimentional in my artist I expression. I do not reduce myself to one unique style. I love acrylic; is my best painting medium, I like its flexibility, fast drying quality and it is very forgiving, I want to get results fast in my search for materializing my vision. Visual Art is a dialogue between souls.