Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kim Bruce "Which Way" 2011

Kim Bruce
Which Way
“Off the Wall” is a series of cast encaustic sculptures that study the architecture of form.

Casting encaustic (beeswax with pigment) in martini glasses, eggcups and muffin tins; Kim Bruce creates sculptures that explore the use of everyday objects as abstract architectural elements.  Drawing on her architectural background, the former interior designer also investigates the use of geometric forms; constructing molds from mat board, clay and tin.

Whether casting with found objects or blending and layering coloured encaustic; Bruce creates singular pieces that are in and of themselves, miniature works of art.  Then subverting expectations she mounts the sculptures on a vertical plane, grouping the pieces into installations that utilize negative space to create balanced and harmonic visual dialogues. In this way she seeks to convey the architecture of the group that, as a whole, transcends the sum of its parts.

Bruce established an interior design firm in 1983 that specialized in store planning all the while pursuing formal art training through a varied curriculum at The Alberta College of Art & Design and The University of Calgary. In 2000 she transitioned into a full time art career as well as creating  in 2004 where she helps other artists gain an internet presence.
Kim Bruce resides and works in the foothills of Alberta just outside the City of Calgary.

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