Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Darlene Adams "Dance of The Sun", 2011

Darlene AdamsDance of The Sun

These are the first in my new series" The Forms of Nature"
I was born and raised in Edmonton and have spent many an hour painting and drawing. I am a professional International artist who is a local here in Edmonton After graduating from Victoria Composite High School with a Commercial Arts Degree, I spent some of my time traveling and dabbling in many art projects. Although painting was my passion, so was raising my son. Getting back into my art was very rewarding for me. I love bright colors and am inspired by what I see around me.

My paintings have been shown in various places around Edmonton , Calgary, California , and are displayed in homes throughout North America and as far away as New Zealand. My series" Freedom" is currently being represented by The Agora Gallery , NYC for a year. I am currently a member of the VAAA, Edmonton Arts Council, The Canadian Artists for The Poor , Artwalk Artists, Artscapes Canada/Pays-Art, and CARFAC.


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  2. Darlene Adams is a fabulous artist. Her landscape work exudes of emotions, colors, and textures that transport us to a world of fantasy and wonder.