Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pam Weber (Dance Around the Room)

Pam Weber
Dance Around the Room
acrylic on canvas, 2010
8 x 8"

I am attracted to the narrative of imagery.
I’ve always made pictures: pictures that record what I see, or what’s in my imagination; a culmination of experience and education; pictures that tell a story.
I have worked in different mediums over the years, notably printmaking and mixed media collage but settled in quite comfortably with acrylic paint. It indulges my love of colour and my desire, for the most part, to create images that display a sense of well-being for the viewer.
My initial idea often requires research and takes form as pencil touches paper. Heavy outline, strong shapes, interaction of positive and negative space, colour play, marking, and layering are very apparent in my finished work.
My canvas is dominated by the personification of the inanimate or anthropomorphism of the natural; a fabricated world, an escape from the day to day vicissitudes of life.