Sunday, February 6, 2011

Linda Daoust (Don't Blame Nadia)

Linda Daoust
Don't Blame Nadia
acrylic on canvas

From the moment of conception our cells
are equal. What exactly happens to these
cells to create good or evil? How does evil
change us? How can good change us? Can
we change through osmosis…or do we
change because of attrition? Do we even
have the biological capacity to change?
In death we are equal again. As our cells break down we become one
and the same. Can we separate “bad” cells from the “good ones”? Is
there a diff erence?
I want to look deep inside us all: to try to understand what we are
doing to this planet …..paint on canvas is just touching the surface….
however the longer I spend on a particular canvas the deeper I go into
my psyche to try to understand what motivates me….and perhaps
by spending some time looking at my paintings I can reach inside of
you…..and together we can discover something about the human
condition, the Human Stain.
Willow Studio, Calgary and Saskatoon