Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Presentification of Paradise: Jean-Rene Leblanc

"Bread Truck", digital colour and infrared photography, 24" x 60"
Leblanc says of his process: As a visual artist engaged with cultural issues, critical theory and digital media, I often use a variety of media to best express the concepts with which I am working. My artistic research interests gravitate around notions of the photographic image, video, interactivity, sound and visualization  as a means of exploring the concept of presentification (to make visible the invisible).

View Leblanc's work in his exhibition "Presentification of Paradise", on now at the Visual Arts Alberta Gallery. Showing alongside Leblanc is the mixed media work of Patricia Coulter in "Bits and Pieces". Both shows are up until December 6, 2014

Visual Arts Alberta Gallery is open from Wed-Fri, 10am-4pm and Sat, 12-4pm. The Gallery is closed for holidays and holiday weekends.

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