Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bits and Pieces: Patricia Coulter

"On the Lakeshore", mixed media on canvas, 12" x 18"
Coulter describes her process this way: I have recently begun to work with acrylic paint and assorted materials in a type of collage. I have found that gluing a few pieces of random material, - scrap of paper, a back of an envelope, some tissue paper, etc. help me to get underway with a painting. There is no freezing up, the thoughts of “Oh, what if I wreck this!”, the crippling paralysis that affects artists, writers, musicians, etc as they confront the daunting challenge of the white sheet. Instead, when I look at a canvas where I have glued some material, I am ready to go. It’s already got marks on it, it is underway, all I have to do is make some of my own marks, add some paint and I am

View Coulter's mixed media work in her exhibition "Bits and Pieces", on now at the Visual Arts Alberta Gallery. Showing alongside Coulter is the photographic work of Jean-Rene Leblanc in "Presentification of Paradise". Both shows are up until December 6, 2014

Visual Arts Alberta Gallery is open from Wed-Fri, 10am-4pm and Sat, 12-4pm. The Gallery is closed for holidays and holiday weekends.

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