Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coming of Age: The Graduates

Nicole Lalonde, "Drip", video installation
Derrick Hoekstra, "x(52)=y", playing cards
University of Lethbridge curator Tanya Harnett describes why she selected these students for the exhibition:  

"The psychological aspect of Nicole Lalonde’s video work is disturbing. We understand that we are viewing an act of water torture, but such questions arise such as; Who is this person? Where is she and why is she there? Is this an act being executed upon her or is she subjecting herself to own devices. Maybe it’s a metaphor for something else. No matter what the dynamics of the setting, the work begs for empathy from the viewer.

Upon first glance at Derrick Hoekstra’s playing card installation, we encounter the momentum and gesture with a smile. As the viewer experiences more time with the piece, we are able to see the card trick- the construction of the work. While even more time passes,  we realize that the appearance of happenstance must have taken a significant amount of time to create.  The choice of what cards are used can become important. This act of choice becomes a curious factor, because the history of playing cards is filled with symbolism."

"Coming of Age: The Graduates" is a group show featuring the work of recent art school graduates. Ten artists were selected from five Albertan communities: Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, and Lethbridge. The show opens to the public on June 7 with an official opening reception on Thursday, June 21 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.

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