Friday, December 23, 2011

Perception: Life on Venus/Life on Mars by Anne Marie Resta

Perception 8 - Life on Mars, 18" x 22", framed
Now up in Gallery B: Perception: Life on Venus/Life on Mars, a collection of photographs by Anne Marie Resta. The exhibition runs concurrently with Seka Owen's paintings in Gallery A until January 21, 2012. The VAAA Gallery is open Wed - Fri from 10 - 4 + Sat from 12 - 4. We are closed from Dec. 22 - Jan. 3 for the holidays.

Anne Marie Resta considers "perception" through seemingly disparate elements of the natural world all found on Hornby Island, B.C. Through the camera lens, she finds beaches that reveal organic, almost female forms evocative of mythic feminine qualities . These are contrasted with the harsh, almost  menacing shapes within the island’s forest.  Each is the yin to the other's yang...opposite halves of the same whole. Venus and Mars meet half-way, they merge in Earth’s natural world.

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