Thursday, April 30, 2015

Searching skies, Seeing through trees by Gerald St. Maur

Gerald St. Maur, "Against the Sky", charcoal on paper
Gerald St. Maur describes his process this way: 
Drawing in charcoal has been an emotional and intellectual journey for me.  Undertaken along the North Saskatchewan River Valley, it has been a journey at once insightful and delightful.  Given the subject matter – trees, skies and water – the experience would have to be described as spiritual, not in the religious sense but in an abiding awareness of things greater than oneself, of immensity and mystery.

View St. Maur's charcoal drawings in Gallery A until May 20, 2015. Showing simultaneously in Gallery B are Jean Pilch's paintings and pastel works in "Edited Realism". Visual Arts Alberta Gallery is open Wed-Fri from 10 am-4 pm and Sat from 12-4 pm. The Gallery will be closed on May 16.

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