Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Travellers: Facing North

Brenda Christiansen, "blue shadows", oil on canvas, 48” x 36”
"Brenda Christiansen's works explore the shifting face of Alberta's landscape. Her intention is to divert our gaze to those spaces we often overlook: not the grand panoramic vistas, but the echo of scenes encountered as we traverse along the path, to further imbue places with the vitality and significance, even while allowing precise location to remain anonymous."

The Travellers is a loosely knit group of landscape, environmental artists and writers from different provinces and territories in Western Canada ~ Alberta, BC, and the Northwest Territories. They are united by their desire to represent their specific landscape and environmental interests as emotional experiences. These artists connect the viewer with Northern Canada through diverse points of view and expressive art mediums.

Experience the northern landscape in "Facing North" through the paintings, sculpture, photographs, prints and poetry of 12 Canadian Artists until April 13 at:

Visual Arts Alberta Gallery
3rd Floor, 10215 - 112 Street in Edmonton

Wed-Fri 10-4 + Sat 12-4
Closed March 29 & 30

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