Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Richard Boulet + Sue Seright: awareness of an altered world

Richard Boulet, "The Alphabet Song", mixed media, 2004
awareness of an altered world brings together the work of Richard Boulet and Sue Seright. This exhibition, in Gallery A, explores the impact of mental health issues. It runs concurrently with Fighting Normal by Laurie MacFayden and Amy Willans in Gallery B until March 2, 2013. The gallery will be closed on Saturday, February 16, but otherwise is open from Wed-Fri, 10-4 and Sat 12-4.

Boulet says of his illness: The trauma attached to a mental illness is a hard hand of cards to play and not to taken lightly.  I still feel the psychological wounds of schizophrenia deep in my bones.  With this said, it seems to me that no human being lives their life without psychological wounds of one sort or another.  This is the price of being human.  Perhaps our wounds are what make us empathetic and truly useful to others.

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