Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nancy Corrigan 'Warm Window'

 Nancy Corrigan
“Warm Window”
Acrylic on Canvas
30”(h) x 70”(w) x 3/4”(d)

For the past several months I have been experiencing my process as a painter much more than ever before. Up until then painting was always an experience to share but one to experiment with, discovering many techniques and many subjects. These acrylic paintings are part of a series I am calling“Blooms Between.”These are more than paintings on the windowsill or prior to the landscape. These paintings create their own “life energy.” The Vases, contain the nourishing fluids. In the paintings, it is about “the place where life begins.” Flowers in the Vases are a portion of the outside world. That being what is beneath, behind or beyond them! These paintings are an experience for the viewer as well as the painter. “Put Yourself into the Paintings!”
Nancy Corrigan