Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kim Bruce (Dressmaker l)

Kim Bruce
Dressmaker l
cast beeswax - pins - gauze
8 x 8 x 5"

Kim Bruce resides and works in the foothills of Alberta just outside the City of Calgary. Using materials from distinctly different sources, she makes succinct yet subjective statements that reference the dichotomies that exist in our world and within us. Juxtaposing contrasting materials and opposing viewpoints, bittersweet contradictions concerning life’s fragility come to light and into visual and ethereal balance.  Bruce looks to unveil natural beauty and create sculptures that “provoke musings about the state of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.”
Bruce established a design firm in 1983 specializing in store planning and image development while pursuing formal art training through a varied curriculum under many established artists at The Alberta College of Art & Design and The University of Calgary. She currently manages Bruce has been published in the New York Times, reviewed in See Magazine and FFWD Magazine. Exhibitions include the Sculptors Society of Canada in Toronto, the windows at the Epcor Center for the Performing Arts in Calgary, Harcourt House Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta and the Triangle Gallery in Calgary, Alberta. Her work is in the collection of the Alberta Foundations for the Arts and is privately and publically collected throughout Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands.